TASL Pricing Options

Pricing Options

What is a listing? A listing describes one resource such as a facility, product or service. For a scheduled activity such as a public seminar, one listing may include an unlimited number of delivery dates and locations. Listings are for a 12 month period.

Your organization may enter listings for free. You may also select various display options that will cost money. If you do wish to purchase special display options for a large volume of offerings, you may wish to arrange for a flat rate instead of paying for each listing separately.

  • Enter and modify the listing electronically - no charge
  • Have TASL do the data entry - $25 each time or per agreement

    Resource Title Display Size:






    Send on-line requests from customers via:

  • E-mail (quickest) free
  • Fax $2.00 per transmittal
  • U.S. Mail $3.00 per transmittal

  • Include color logo (optional) $25 per resource listing

    you can send it on an IBM compatible diskette in a size of up to 12kb with a height of up to 1-1/2 inches, to TASL at

    T.A.S.L. Logos

    16 Back River Road

    Dover, NH 03820

    Send it in ".gif" (CompuServe GIF) file format in any program.

    Our first preference is to receive it as an attachment via email however, if you want to send it to us via mail the please put it on a 1 1/4" floppy diskette. On the label of the diskette, identify the kind of diskette (IBM or Macintosh), the name of your organization, contact person, phone number, name of the file containing the logo.

    Please email us if you need any assistance.

  • As an alternative, for a fee of $100, you can send us camera ready art work, and we will do the conversion.

  • Additional Deluxe Options

    TASL offers resource providers the option of creating an additional screen of information with your own text and graphics and linking it to your listings. Fees for this special service are reasonable and dependent upon the amount of text, graphics and the number of listings the additional screen is linked to. A screen of information is comparable in size to about 1/2 of an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. You can submit a draft of what you would like to include on the screen and TASL will identify the fees.

    TASL offers the service of helping you create your own independent home page on the Internet. Fees are reasonable and dependent upon the number of screens and the amount of text and graphics.

    You may have TASL add links from your listings in the TASL database, to your own home page on the Internet.

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